Perth: I will fly 5,000 miles

Perth: I will fly 5000 miles

How did it come about?

Last month, Steve and I responded to a request to come over to Perth and have a ‘chat’ to the leadership team of a young church plant north of Perth called, Horizon Reformed Christian Fellowship. This came about through an invitation from Jason Coughran and Neil Evans. Jason attended Southern Cross Presbyterian Church in Lismore NSW when Steve was the minister. It was a flying visit in a number of ways, of course we went by plane but between 3 pm Friday to 9pm Sunday we fitted in four meetings, plus a church service.

What was the agenda?

To be honest, we didn’t go there with a great big agenda and when Neil picked us up from the Perth Terminal he made that clear as well. The aim was to begin a conversation and see where that might end up; if we could help and we were on the same page, the conversation would continue. The expectations were realistic and we were there to listen, respond and encourage.

How did the Horizon Church start?

Horizon Church was planted as a response to a desire for solid Bible teaching after a denominational split in one church in the community in particular. The spiritual ‘refugees’ gathered together but not to complain or become bitter, but to provide spiritual support and encouragement and focus on God’s Word. The resulting congregation is one that loves the Lord and wants to share the love of Christ with each other and those in their community.

What Happened?

Right from our first meeting there was a lovely rapport between the four of us as we shared some snacks and a drink in the Joondalup Mall. That rapport further developed the next day over two meeting with Neil and Jason and others, as we learned about the church, its heart and nature. There were lovely surprises along the way, for instance about half the congregation is made up of young adults, some of whom are stepping up and stepping into ministry.

The leadership represented by Neil Evans and Jason Coughran is committed to being a healthy church that feeds on God’s word and lives out the kingdom in their relationships.

Jason has been attending Trinity Theological College in Perth to equip himself to share God’s word with this congregation.

The next day we went to Church in the Perth suburb of Sorrento that meets in the Community Hall near the beach. It has some great facilities. We enjoyed the prayer meeting before the service, where over twenty people turned up, and Jason’s warm-hearted preaching from John’s Gospel. After church we were hosted by the Evans and met with all the leaders we had spoken to over the last two days. It was evident from our perspective that over that short amount of time trust had developed and we had a great time of fellowship and encouragement in the Lord.

The Future?

We’re looking forward to seeing how our relationship might develop and how we might help our brothers and sisters over 3000 km away to keep on doing a great job.

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