Who we are

The Church2Church team consists of 4 core members. These members are highly experienced, and passionate about the vision of Church2Church.

Dave & Kathy Thurston
Kathy and Dave Thurston grew up at Epping Presbyterian Church together. They both became followers of Jesus in 1976; Kathy when she was fifteen and David when he was eighteen. They were married in 1982 while at Moore Theological College. They have three grown up children Lucy, married to Paul; James and Victoria.

Dave and Kathy have served in a variety of Presbyterian parish contexts; country NSW, and church planting in the Sydney suburbs and inner-city Sydney.

Over thirty-three years of gospel ministry they’ve been privileged to mentor over eighty persons in ministry throughout Australia. Kathy has been a member of the NSW Presbyterian Church Consultancy Team for twelve years.

They are committed to being used by the Lord to growing people who are spiritually, emotionally, relationally and theologically healthy in ministry so they in turn can be used by God to grow healthy ministry teams and churches.