Where we’ve come from

The Church2Church story began in the late 90s when Steve Cree was sent to regional NSW to revitalise the ministry in Lismore. He found himself thrown into preaching each week, answering pastoral needs, chasing up kids and youth curriculum, sourcing music and media, and writing bible study resources. Needless to say he felt a little overwhelmed.

But Steve’s story is not a unique one. Every week, pastors in small-medium churches all around the country are living the same story.

The Creek Road Partner Church ministry was developed to help with the resourcing of these smaller churches, and as of 2017, had partnered with 28 churches around Australia and Ireland, to provide ministry resources across preaching, kids and youth ministry, music ministry, multi-media, sunday service logistics, and more.

Church2Church started in January 2018, to pick up where the Creek Road Partner Church Ministry left off, and aims to help churches with not just resourcing, but mentoring, coaching, and supporting smaller churches, as well as collaborating with larger churches as they partner with, and contribute to the collective resources.