Where we’re going

Picture this: a small church congregation. They have a full time pastor, and a handful of volunteers. Each week, the pastor writes his talk, collates the music for sunday, cobbles together some activities for the kids to do during kids church, writes and prints some discussion questions for growth groups, rosters volunteers, puts together and prints the church notices, attends some church and denominational meetings. The church is not growing, and the congregation is looking to the guy they pay to find the solutions… It’s little wonder he has no time for his own spiritual health or family life. The realities of the job don’t meet the expectations he had when he started, and he’s struggling.


This sounds extreme, but we hear stories like this every day.


The Church2Church vision is to help pastors and their churches. We want to see pastors not struggle with the demands of the job, but more than that, we want to help them regain time in their week to work on spiritual health and healthy ministry leadership.


Our vision is to support the growth in spiritual and emotional maturity, and effectiveness, of ministry leaders and their churches by:

(i) equipping church and ministry leaders through the provision of resources;
(ii) disciplining church and ministry leaders through the provision of mentoring; and
(iii) supporting church and ministry leaders through the provision of process and technical training.

Church2Church can help assess where you and your church are, offer resources that are developed and in use by real churches, provide mentoring and training from mentors with experience in leading church congregations and proven training programs (like the John Mark Model of mentor training).

If you would like to know more about what Church2Church can offer you, start the conversation with us.