The Pyramid

The pyramid shape represents the groups of people who surround us, from our family members to work colleagues or school friends, to people we go to church with to the doctors we see regularly. The pyramid represents who we are with in life. The Pyramid Ministry Paper

The Triangle

The triangle shape is the predominant shape associated with the C.U.R.E. step of Connect, but can be used across all steps. The triangle shows us the ideal foundation and formation of any relationship. The Triangle

The Circle

The shape of the circle relates to the Understanding step. The circles provide a depth gauge so you can see how deep a relationship is, or see how deep a group is, and perhaps to even see inside yourself more deeply. The Circle

How to Respond

We know that Connecting and Understanding are the two most vital steps of the process, and it really is only when these two steps are done well that we can then respond with love. How to Respond

How to Understand

Understanding someone, and being understood in return, is to know and be known, and still be loved and accepted. After connecting with someone, the next step in the Christian Wholeness Framework is Understanding them. How to Understand

How to Connect

The Christian Wholeness Framework is a framework developed by Dr John Warlow, to provide a basis for Christian counselling. The first step in helping someone is connecting with them. This ministry paper looks at ways you can truly connect with someone. How to Connect